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Made another one… just to get the point across

Suffering from cancer in my teens I see where this is coming from. I went from being a slim 8stone shredded and ripped to an obese 12stone. I was one of the fastest guys in my year before I was ill… after I finished treatment I decided I was going to get my body and health back.

I started off with one push up a day. Then 5 push ups a day, then 5 push ups every time there was a commercial on tv. Then 30 push ups a day, then 50, then 60 then 80…. Now I can do 100 clean pushups under a minute. I may not be as fast I once was, but what I lost in speed I made up in strength. I’m now stronger than the average male, spiritually, mentally and physically. I don’t see being knocked down as a punishment. It’s a life lesson that enables you to come back stronger. 

peace. x

One word. Legend!