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The more I keep looking at this pic the more I am amazed by it. I mean look! The bibi is walking bare feet. 3 kids. Solid wood on her shoulders. Probably worked the whole day…. That is strength! True strength! I mean I could workout get hench, have lots of muscles, but what purpose would those muscles serve? What would I use them for on a daily basis? When you see something like this it makes you realize what true strength really is. True strength has purpose. Real, substantial, essential purpose. Man we minor. We just do it for shonk. #strength #strong #moms

Made another one… just to get the point across

Suffering from cancer in my teens I see where this is coming from. I went from being a slim 8stone shredded and ripped to an obese 12stone. I was one of the fastest guys in my year before I was ill… after I finished treatment I decided I was going to get my body and health back.

I started off with one push up a day. Then 5 push ups a day, then 5 push ups every time there was a commercial on tv. Then 30 push ups a day, then 50, then 60 then 80…. Now I can do 100 clean pushups under a minute. I may not be as fast I once was, but what I lost in speed I made up in strength. I’m now stronger than the average male, spiritually, mentally and physically. I don’t see being knocked down as a punishment. It’s a life lesson that enables you to come back stronger. 

peace. x

One word. Legend!