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lol lad

Mittar Pyare Nu… Absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous asked:
i know this may seem like such a dumb and pointless question but how do we know that all these things we are told about Sikhi and the Gurus are true? For example; how do we know that Guru Nanak Dev Ji really spent 3 days in a river etc. I'm not saying I don't believe this happened, but is it possible that maybe some of these told stories could have been exaggerated or changed as the years went on? I'm sorry if I come across as rude or ignorant but I was just curious, thank you :)

lol this is not a dumb question. This is a good question, and one that applies to every religion and historical event.

It’s up to you if you believe what happened or not. I’m not going to convince you. 

But what I would say is that you should not concentrate on the miracles. They mean nothing. Sikhi doesn’t care for miracles in the slightest. What you should concentrate on is the message, the teaching.

Maharaj condemned miracles performed for personal glory… The greatest miracle is not to perform a miracle, in spite of having the capacity to do so.

Care not for the amount of time Maharaj spent in the river, care more for the message he had when he came out. The Mool Mantar. Look into that.


Anonymous asked:
I think that I am becoming suicidal. I no longer know what to do with my life. I just want this to all end. I need to Guru Ji to let me leave.

What makes you want to throw away the gift of life?

What makes you think your suffering will end once you die? How do you know it won’t continue wherever you end up? Better to pull through here no?

If it is strength you seek. You only have to look at your history. The blood coursing through your veins is a priceless gift. Countless sacrifices were made by your ancestors so you could live. Look at the choteh Sahibzadeh, look at the mothers who had to watch their babies torn to pieces and then tied around their neck… don’t you think they wanted to die and give up? They persevered so we could exist. We have no excuse to give up. None at all. Come on man, there are over 8.4 million life forms on this planet, and none can do what you can in this human form.

Message me privately, tell me what’s up buddy.

perpetualfeline asked:
Hello, New follower here, so very sorry if this question has been asked before - I couldn't find it but I may have just missed it. To make a long story short I found my way onto the Khalsa wiki page and this part of a sentence "The Khalsa is expected to perform no ritual, either Hindu or Muslim, and to believe no superstition of any kind ... " Is that saying that there should be no rituals performed period within this religion/ school of thought? Trying not to offend, but so sorry if I do!

Hey :)

"The Khalsa is expected to perform no ritual, either Hindu or Muslim, and to believe no superstition of any kind but believe in the only one God (of all)…"

The message to take from this is that you do not have to do any rituals to receive God’s love. It’s not conditional. There is no concept of “if you don’t do X at place Y then you will have an eternity of bad luck”, or “don’t do X on a Tuesday”. I’m sure you can think of many more.

You also have to define “ritual” to answer your question properly. But I would go with yeah, Sikhi says no to rituals.

Hope that helps buddy.