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I love Monks… and tigers. Yeah….


Anonymous asked:
Hey Arron :) Hope you're enjoying the sun today. So you give out the best advice in my opinion I would love to here what you have to say about my situation. Okay.. so there is this guy.. Who I did not go out with. ( I bet you're rolling your eyes right now haha ). So he's taken this rejection really bad, even though I politely said no. He's going around calling me all sorts and making really horrible rumours about me. (None of which are true). What shall I do ignore it?

Hey lol. If they’re not true then you have nothing to worry about buddy. Firstly, because you shouldn’t care what people think about you, ‘cus if you do, you’re basically always going to be a prisoner to their thoughts. You don’t want that, you’re beyond that. You live according to what you think about you. That’s it. An individual like that is what I call, hot… like a phoenix.

Secondly, the people that know you, like know you properly, obviously won’t believe such rubbish. Your character and personality would testify that. Your living self would be the truth. You would be truth… and as they say, “The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.” ;)

As for that guy, he sure is one cowardly asswipe huh. 


World’s toughest job. Could you do it?


If you consider yourself a compassionate vegetarian, drink organic milk from cows that are well looked after. Otherwise you’re no better than meat eaters.

It would actually be more humane to kill a cow than prolong it’s suffering for years just so you can drink it’s milk. Something to think about.

If you would like to know more about the poor welfare of cows that give you milk everyday, check this out

Sikh folk, I’m looking at you especially. We may say we’re vegetarian because we’re taught compassion from Maharaj. But poor welfare of cows we drink milk from everyday is not compassion. Realise this. We are living a life of hypocrisy if this is the case

Drink milk. But drink it from happy well looked after cows :).

If you’re wondering what happy cows looks like, check this video out.